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Meet Us!

We are fully qualified Biokineticists  and certified First Aiders. We speak English and Afrikaans. Read about our background below.

Pieter van Rooyen

Playing and working in sport my entire life moulded me to become an active outdoors person. My passion for mountain biking, hiking, and the outdoors gave me the drive to pursue this venture. Working as a rehabilitation specialist for the Stellenbosch University’s Rugby Club, I use my knowledge of high performance and injury prevention to fuel my active lifestyle.

Mountain biking and hiking allows me to experience the beautiful nature my home country has to offer, also helping to discover new areas. My passion for health, wellness, and people drives me to get you mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts out on the trails with us to show you the hidden gems South Africa has to offer.

I am a passionate mountain biker, hiker, and outdoors person; I love nature and people and I am super excited to take you on a tour. I am sure it will be an amazing adventure and a unique experience for you!

Ian Rainsford

New trails, old trails and new experiences are what makes loving the outdoors so much fun. A physically active lifestyle has always been part of my life, taking part in almost every sport when young. This love for a physically active lifestyle led me to the career of physical rehabilitation working with clients to help them reach their goals.

Mountain biking and hiking form a major part of my active lifestyle and engaging in these activities with friends and family make it all the more worthwhile. There is no better thing than leaving the noise of the cities and the fumes of the cars behind us and experiencing what nature has to offer us. The dust and dirt that accompanies these trips are souvenirs to be carried with pride.

I am very excited by this venture and the adventures that can be had together.

 Thanks for the support!